22 November 2015

virtual sketchcrawl, 21 Nov.

Having lots to do on Saturday, which was  Artist's Journal Workshop's virtual sketchcrawl, I stayed close to home. Between stripping and documenting our worn-down mattress for warranty replacement, laundry, baking a pie for church, getting ready for Thanksgiving, and computer bookkeeping, I stepped out into our yard to draw these mushrooms. They are actually more orange than shown here; for some reason the orange watercolor shades don't photograph true to color. 

This is only half of our "crop" of these gorgeous fungi --- I love how they look more like large fluted-edge flowers!


  1. Lovely page, Vicky! Love your yellow mushrooms on white background and a tree stump...
    And all your autumn leaves are so gorgeous!

  2. The mushrooms are actually light orange but the color washed out in the photo. Not sure how to avoid that.
    Oh, and thank you!

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