24 August 2015

puzzle repair

When our granddaughter Mikala redecorated her bedroom, she chose three large puzzles to put together, glue and frame to hang on the wall. The favorite of these took a bit longer to put together, a job hindered by two cats who loved claiming the game table for themselves.

Before completing this beautiful scene of faires in a forest, two pieces were lost. The company would normally replace those pieces but the puzzle has been discontinued. So we figured out a fix: Mikala had used Paperclay before; after gluing the puzzle together, she filled the holes with this and let it dry. Then I coated it with Daniel Smith's watercolor ground. While waiting for it to cure, I played around with watercolor and gouache colors to match. I drew the above supplies while waiting for the watercolor ground to cure on some sample pieces of Paperclay. I will practice on these before doing the actual puzzle.

Deciding that gouache works the best, I will paint the two areas to blend in with the scene. After it's dry, they will finish the surface with Modge Podge, then frame and hang.

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