29 August 2015

driving home

I love the beautiful sunsets we see when driving home from Houston . . . or even when turning onto our farm-to-market road when heading home from Somerville. (The colors in this sketch seem much more intense in person than in this photo.)


  1. Oh, we have lovely sunsets, too! Beautiful! So serene...

  2. What area do you live? It fascinates me to think you and I live a half-world apart yet see the same sun setting, although changed according to atmosphere.

  3. Oh, yes, here you can see my - your - OUR SUN! at sunset time at my area :-)
    It is very similar sometimes, when I look at your sketches, similar country, nature, but we have no hummingbirds and painted buntings!
    I live somewhere here, in the surroundings of Trenčín, not far from the river of Vah in the Middle-West part of our country:

  4. It must be a beautiful country from what can be seen online.

  5. Oh, thank you, Vicky! Yes, it is! Small, but beautiful...


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