01 August 2015

an Arkansas rock, the end of another sketchbook

I brought this large rock home from a recent trip to Arkansas, loving the variety of colors and textures. While drawing it last night, I kept seeing visions in my mind of the Grand Canyon which I saw in person 29 years ago.

And now I'm finished with this tiny accordion-fold sketchbook. Not sure where to put it on the shelf though --- The first side was filled in Dec. 2014 and the second side in July 2015. I store my sketchbooks chronologically on the shelf, 


  1. What a great metamorphic rock! You can just feel all the heat and upheaval it takes to make all the rough edges. The comparison to the Grand Canyon is nice, too. Just a matter of scale.

  2. Rocks are fascinating! Our youngest son, still in college, switched his major to geology -- he helps me identify some of what I find.


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