31 August 2015

early morning eye appointment & Blue Bell

This morning I had an early appointment to have the pressure in my eyes rechecked. Two weeks ago, it was running a bit high for my normal levels so Dr. Horton added an additional eye drop prescription. Good news: it is working to bring the pressure down.

I sketched the obligatory office potted plant while waiting to see her. Overheard two ladies discussing a message one of them received on her phone that HEB (local grocery store) had run out of Blue Bell already . . . at 8:30 in the morning!

Today is the first day the locally-based ice cream company has been allowed to sell their product following  a total shut-down of several months, during which they totally dismantled and cleaned all equipment in their creameries. There had been an unknown source of contamination found in a small number of product.

Following my appointment, I went to HEB to make sure, as Bill was expecting me to bring some home. Turns out it was just a rumor and they had plenty --- being handed out personally by the company's head executives who were thanking everyone for supporting them through their crisis.


  1. Love, how you did the leaves! All the greens and a little bit of white somewhere. Nice page! And I hope your eyes are getting better...

  2. At his was done very quickly, with only a bit of the bluish greens dabbed on before the doctor called me in. And yes, thank you, my eyes are doing better. The pressure in my right eye had begun to cause some slight injury but new eye drops reduced that.
    There is no cure for glaucoma (my grandmother went blind from it), but with God all things are possible. I'm believing Him for my healed vision.


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