02 August 2015

new sketchbook, new palette sketch

This art journal was bound last year using Kilimanjaro paper from Cheap Joe's and a scrap of leather from an upholstery shop --- they let me have the leather scrap free! It's soft and pliable, wrapping around the text block. 

This time, I sewed the paper signatures directly to the leather, one at a time, using hand-dyed silk threads. Which means the middle two-page spreads of each signature will have colorful silk thread running down the middle, but I like how the colored threads look on the outside spine.


  1. I like your sketchbook creation. Handcrafted sketchbooks are more inviting to the viewer than a manufactured; I enjoy making my own almost more than sketching.

  2. It is very satisfying to work in a journal of our own creation!

  3. Hi Vicky: Love your journal - the leather looks soo soft and touchable : ) I too make my own journals and truly enjoy making and working in them. I am soo enjoying your personal blog, I just today linked over from Artists' Journal Workshop site and I am sooo glad I did, love your art - thank you for sharing it and your words of wisdom : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

  4. Thank you, Sandra, for your lovely comments! (We were married in Apache Junction, AZ -- lovely place! At least it was 43 years ago, when the desert was still the desert without all that imported grass and humidity)


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