19 August 2015

a day of frustration

Yesterday was a Very Long day! First an early morning dental appointment, prepping for a bridge. Nearly two hours. But our dentist's assistant is a good friend; conversation kept it a nearly-pleasant experience (and sketching the Cerec thingy). After sketching this, I glanced at the quote from Sunday morning on the opposite page . . . a bit of synchronicity, considering those shots in my mouth.

Directly from the dentist, we embarked on a 10 hour drive to Arkansas. We were going to an appointment with our dear friend, George, to hear the results of his neurological tests. Just past halfway, about 60 miles outside of Little Rock, the doctor's office phoned saying they are postponing the appointment; it seems the secretary __forgot__ to order two of the tests we were going to hear the results of! And there is typically a 6-week wait, minimum, to get into this guy! 

We turned around and drove home, arriving past midnight. Such is the "quality" of healthcare in Mountain Home, AR. It's now been FIVE MONTHS since George's problems began,

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