23 August 2015

lichen and rain lilies

After the devastating flooding rains of May through June in central Texas, we have been experiencing a very dry, extremely hot summer. Roses that survived the flooding were gobbled up by wildlife whose normal feeding areas were underwater. (The lake is still mostly closed, though the dam road is finally above water and one boat dock is open.) My herb bed did not survive the shock of flooding followed by extreme heat.

But this past week we enjoyed a welcome steady downpour of rain -- 1 1/2" locally. This morning I noticed rain lilies popped up everywhere so after church I gathered some, stuck them in my paint water bucket, and sketched them.


  1. I am always picking up sticks with lichen and bringing them home.

  2. Lichen is fascinating! Sort of faerie in nature. Yeah, I pick up interesting lichen, moss, rocks, twigs . . .


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