03 May 2015

we give up

We switched to using cell phones when Bill retired, when he returned his other cell phone to the company. At the time we did not know we would be moving and the service was fine.

Then four months later we found ourselves living in central Texas in an area that that particular provider does not have good coverage. Calls are dropped on a regular basis, or they go directly to voicemail without ringing. To make calls, we have to go outside, walking around the yard to find a signal. Yet the provider says their computer shows we have available coverage so we are stuck in our contract.

Part of the problem is probably having cheap flip-phones, but we are tired of fighting it. So we took our son Jason up on his offer --- he gave us an iPhone under his contract and we just pay him a (much lower) fee each month. 

Not a very interesting sketch, but drawing it in my journal will help me remember when we got it.

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