06 May 2015

red lilies

Last spring, soon after we moved into our log cabin in central Texas, we found some type of bulbs growing next to the back door. Not sure what they were, we waited patiently for the tight buds to open up. But one morning we woke to discover that every bud had been eaten by some type of wildlife -- probably deer.

This year they left the plants alone and we discovered we had red lilies! I didn't even know they came in this color; wild ones in the area are white to pale pink.


  1. This is beautiful! When we lived in Lockhart, TX a few years ago a friend had some of these, and she called them Oxblood Lilies or Schoolhouse Lilies. She said they most often bloom after heavy rains.

  2. Thank you so much, Becky, for identifying them! We have had excessive rain this spring --- so many buds compared to last year's drought and few deer-eaten buds.

    1. You're welcome, Vicky! I'm so glad the deer didn't eat the buds so that you got to paint them this year!

  3. LOVE the composition of this, Vicky! The white space makes the flowers pop. We've had some mystery iris's pop out around our new shed. I think the earth work guy accidentally snagged some existing bulbs and they were relocated a few yards away. With this Spring color could last though the Summer.

  4. I had no idea that lilies or iris could pop up in surprising places . . . or that lilies were a native wildflower in central Texas. Lovely, though!


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