26 May 2015

latest book read

When I'm not using my free time for sketching, I am reading. A lot of reading. Books were my best friends growing up and I've never stopped.

Recently I was given a gift certificate ebooks for my Kindle --- one of the books purchased is Susanna Kearsley's new book, A Desperate Fortune, and I loved it!


  1. Have to comment on this post.
    I too read read read when not sketching. And I was surprised to see you comment on a Susanna Kearsley book. I just recently discovered her and although I have not Read any of her books I have listened to almost three of them while I walk for exercise. "Romance" books do not appeal to me at all but somehow her books (are they romance?) have just the right touch of mystery and surprise in them. And in two of the almost three books sketching is involved. I wonder if she is an artist as well as a writer?
    The books I listened to take place in or near Scotland and there has been a wonderful reader with a Scots accent (I assume) narrating the stories. A totally nice experience which reliably gets me out of the house and on my walk just about every day.
    Since I like her so much I should do as you did and create a page in my journal for her (and her reader!) Great idea.

  2. Though there is a bit of romance, I don't think of these as romance --- they seem to be just good story-telling. My favorite has been "The Winter Sea", which is loosely connected with "The Shadowy Horses" as background stories to "The Firebird". Some of her stories are better than others.

    I sometimes listen to audio books as well, though the only one of Kearsley's books is "The Rose Garden". I wonder if the narrator you mentioned could be Davina Porter? She narrated the outlander books and does a fabulous job with character voices.

  3. I love the page that you did and will no doubt get one of her books..


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