13 May 2015

recent bird sightings

Mostly we have cardinals and chickadees this year but over the last few days I saw these three birds (not in scale). The Great-tailed Grackle was in a parking lot in Brenham; the wren and woodpecker showed up at our cabin.

The Bewick's Wren flew down, landing just two feet away from me as I was taking a photo of my sketchbook. (I try to take these pictures in outdoor indirect lighting.) He watched me for a short time before flying to a nearby crepe myrtle.

I heard a couple of loud thumps today --- the tiny Nuttall Woodpecker had crashed into the window and was looking a bit dazed, sitting on a glider. He sat still looking at me as I came outside to look at him. After coming inside to paint him, I checked again and he had flown away. There are several common varieties of woodpeckers in this area but this one is not among them.


  1. I have just come here before going to sleep like for watching a goodnight story - and here it is! Lovely! Very nice work, Vicky, love especially woodpecker. We have them here, too. Lots of birds, I don´t know all of them. I enjoy their spring songs in my old maple tree these days, it´s really amazing season of a year!

  2. Sweet dreams, Jana! Hope some birds are singing to you.

  3. Great sightings and sketches!


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