28 May 2015

a few more wild flowers

Yesterday we took a drive along the eastern shore of Lake Somerville . . . at least as far as one can drive before reaching water. Texas flood conditions continue with many lakes beyond capacity and overflowing. This lake is closed for at least the next two months --- water is well over campsites with their electric hookups and boat ramps. Many hidden obstacles out there to run a boat into.

We were able to drive to the overlook next to the spillway to take a look. Even the wildflowers are stressed from too much rain, though I found a few to draw anyway.


  1. Hi, Vicky! Lovely pages! Binding new sketchbooks, reading, sketching... When and how do you manage all this? It looks that sketching is like breathing for you !!

    1. LOL -- it helps that I have no job and a very tiny house (much less to clean). Simplifying our lives when Bill retired gives us both more free time.

      This summer will be totally different: we will have various grandchildren each spending a full week here. We will probably be totally worn out by August!


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