11 May 2015

a mother's day gift, well spent

I was given a gift certificate yesterday to spend on e-books for my Kindle Fire. One of my choices was Danny Gregory's new book that has been on my wish list for quite a while.

It inspired me to grab the nearest thing to me this morning and sketch it NOW. I used Noodler's red-black ink (water soluble) and my granulating earth colors palette. Letting ink run a bit fits today's rainy day and I love playing with these paints!

Our multi-talented son Matt made the wooden bowl for me years ago (there is a plastic liner in it to protect it from the terra cotta pot's water seepage). The African violet plant is a descendant of a cutting my mother once gave me. Seems a fitting choice as I think of her on Mother's Day.


  1. A beautiful memory of your Mother's Day and family . Thanks for including the photo as the page was coming together. The later composition of the words around the objects brings it all together and is very cosy

  2. How lovely sketches you've been uploading lately. Thanks for sharing! Have a nice time, Vicky!


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