17 May 2015

sitting on the side of the bay

Much of our time at the Gulf, we sat out on one of the decks or gazebos relaxing, watching ships and boats of all varieties moving through the ship channel. 

Here I sketched the view between ship traffic. BTW, the water is level in the sketch --- it's that bit of island with the bluffs across the water that make it look slanted. On the far right horizon is Mustang Island, where our kids camped on the beach in March.


  1. It is interesting for me to see, how you avoid certain things and how you choose what will be drawn. I have always wanted to sketch a lot of things and it becomes almost impossible. Thanks for sharing your nice sketches.

  2. I'm not really sure why I choose what to sketch and what to leave out; it just sort of happens as I draw. But in the past I tended to include too much and I'm trying to simplify.


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