28 April 2015

watercolor charts

I am posting these color charts on my blog simply for my own reference. After I finish filling this art journal, I will later forget which book it is in . . . if it is on my blog, I can find it much easier. The upper page is the set that stays in my "studio"; the lower page's combinations are various travel kits.

Unless otherwise tagged, most of these are Daniel Smith, though I also use American Journey phthalo blue, ultramarine, and burnt sienna.

I am still undecided on three of my choices: quinacridone red or quin. rose? jadeite or phthalo green? green apatite or sap green? Convenience greens that are normally only in my studio set but they can be very handy at times.

"Extras" are subject to change, usually being colors that are hard to mix on their own. Or those for special use: blue apatite happens to closely match the dark blue ink I like drawing with.

And here is one more combination that didn't make the chart in my book. I absolutely love playing with granulating paints and muted, earthy colors! So I put this kit together just for when I'm in the mood to use them. The yellow ochre is an old left-over pan though it is not included in my core colors. When it's gone, I'm not sure what to use in its place.

 UPDATE: By moving my muted, granulating paints to this larger paint tin, I can fit 6 more colors in . . . just about every granulating paint I own (except for ultramarine blue and cobalt turquoise, neither of which are muted).

I think this is my absolute favorite set of colors.

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