16 April 2015

a petrified dragon's egg?

The rocks scattered over our sandy dirt road are either too small to make much difference or too large to make a decent drive. But among the larger rocks are some very interesting ones. My favorites are these very plain-looking light tan rocks --- when broken open by a car's tires, an amazing glowing red is revealed inside!

When I saw one for the first time while walking with Bill, my first thought was of a dinosaur egg that had become a rock.

UPDATE: Our son Jeff, who is studying to be a geologist, says this is a type of chert with red jasper. Related to flint, extremely hard, and the edges are very sharp!


  1. Nice way to capture a weird rock. Sounds like a bad choice for a road to have larger rocks that, when broken, leave sharp edges. Maybe your county isn't blessed with nice rock formations that grinds to acceptable road gravel.

  2. There's plenty of small quarries in the area but mostly for building houses, etc. i have no idea why the HOA chose this guy who brought the rock in but none of us have had a good opinion of his work.


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