25 April 2015

watching Quen play ball

This week we drove to Pflugerville, TX to catch one of Quen's little league games. What an awesome kid he is!

I don't know who the lady is --- just someone random I began to draw before the game started. 


  1. What a tiny kit! Do you do your sketches now without pencil, Vicky? Nice work!

  2. This tiny kit was actually put together to use as monochrome washes, having watercolors that closely match my inks. Sometimes I use a light pencil to plan things out (erasing it after inking) and sometimes I draw directly in ink --- this one was pencil first.

    I am using waterproof black, brown, and dark blue inks; the watercolors from this kit are burnt sienna, burnt umber, blue apatite, lunar blue, and my own mixed gray (ultramarine & burnt umber stirred together in a pan then allowed to dry) --- I've been trying to match a wash to an ink sketch to look like it's the same ink. The white gouache is added to the kit for working on this toned paper.

    I decided in this sketch to use multiple colors instead of a monochrome wash because our grandson's team color are dark blue and orange.

  3. Wow! What a sophisticated way of putting together your set! Thanks for describing your colors and inks, I haven't tried to mix any special color yet, it looks like great fun! Love it, Vicky :)


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