13 April 2015

moving on to a new journal

With the Venezia sketchbook journal's binding coming apart, I decided to leave the last blank page as is and move on to a new book. This one contains the last of my BFK Rives paper along with some toned Stonehenge. 

While I am good at stitching signatures together into a book block, I am not so good at building covers. I had to reset the book block a second time after gluing it in wrong on the first attempt --- leaving a messy strip on the inside covers that is now covered with a bit of ribbon.

As always, the first page has a palette: the border contains every watercolor I use, all single pigments. The tiny mint tin holds watercolors that match the inks in the fountain pens --- lately I've been wanting to do more pen & ink with monotone washes. 


  1. Nice looking journal! You've chosen a similar look to my recent batch. I get my paper from Creative Coldsnow in KC. They never have a complete selection but always manage to have something that will work. My recent batch used Stonehenge Printmaking and your BFK Rives. I can relate to your binding challenges. I don't bind often enough to stay proficient. Wish I did. They sure are enjoyable to use, though, when it's your own handwork.

  2. I love working on Stonehenge but have decided that I don't really like the BFK Rives --- it seems a bit too "soft" to me. This is the last of a sale pack I got from Cheap Joe's a couple of years ago. The nearest art supply shops to me are in downtown Houston or downtown Austin --- and I tend to avoid crowded traffic. But for bonding more books, I may go ahead and try one of them. Creative Coldsnow is great!


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