03 April 2015

more pocket palettes

This pocket palette from Expeditionary Art's Maria Coryell-Martin has become my "always in my bag" palette. With the addition of a business-card sized magnet, I can keep one of her larger empty mixing pans attached to the side for juicier washes. The flat upper area is easy to clip to a small drawing board or sketchbook while working away from home.

I found these metal tins in our local used book shop and thought they could be used in the same way. The green one on the left is made to hold business cards; the copper-colored one on the right holds a small notepad with a wee ink pen holding it shut on the side. I removed the pad of paper and placed a business-card magnet inside each of these. A box of these magnets can be found at a business store.

I also taped off an area of each lid and spray-painted it with white enamel for a mixing area. The copper one is a bit wider and can hold four of the jumbo pans per row. Now the copper one holds bright and earthy, muted primaries plus a convenience green and burnt sienna. In the green one, I placed the pocket color guide samples from Expeditionary Art, plus three neutrals and a mixing pan.

These new kits are made of a lighter, non-magnetic metal but an extra mixing pan can still be attached in the same manner as the original kit if attached under the paint area of the box where the internal magnet is.

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