21 April 2015

a bit of patio sketching . . .

. . . while relaxing on the porch swing. Mowing this part of the lawn was annoying for Bill as this crepe myrtle kept thumping him in the head. So he gathered pine needles from another part of the yard and spread them around this tree, then set some container plants here. Works nicely. 

This is where two signatures meet in the binding, one of BFK Rives paper and one of a toned Stonehenge paper. I glued a strip of paper down the middle gutter to cover a gap between the two.


  1. Lovely pages, Vicky! Love the compositon with the middle paper - it looks so well! Have a nice spring time!

  2. I can relate to Bill. I mow around a couple very young oak trees in the back yard where the lower limbs thump me. I've been waiting for them to mature enough so I can take out the lower limbs. This is the year to cut them off! I like Bill's approach to let landscaping do the work, though. Nice visual,

  3. The tree branches also protect the pots a bit from the excessive rains we've been getting, as well as the summer sun.


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