24 February 2015

walking on rocks

The circle drive we live on is covered with rocks. Not the uniform whitish gravel roads we knew in Kansas, but very uneven rock of various size and color. 

So of course I had to sketch a few.


  1. I'm jealous. Our Kansas gravel looks very boring now, and I would never consider sketching it. Maybe I should try, though. At least in eastern Kansas we have gravel. Wilma is from the Hays area and they use sand on their roads because they have no grave. I think there is a story behind your gravel somewhere.

  2. The rock, though colorful, is either too large or too small -- not a good mix to drive on or walk on. Most larger rocks are thrown to the side by tires, leaving sandy dirt. (We were surprised to find this whole area is a sandy soil.) The home-owner's association hired a guy to work on the drive but he graded the roads (removing our built-in speed-bumps), scattered this uneven rock sparsely and never finished.


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