22 February 2015

Friday night / Saturday morning doodles

A last-minute notice led me to attend a women's retreat on Friday night at Texas Bible Institute. The event was over the weekend but the ladies from our church only went for Friday's evening service. A couple doodles among my notes, and later I added the mug that our pastor's wife gave each of us as souvenirs.

Saturday morning's mail brought my long-awaited De Atramentis document inks. Previously I had ordered the brown and dark blue from The Writing Desk in the UK, but they had sent bright blue by mistake. When notified of their error, the company not only sent me the dark blue --- they sent me a bottle of the black as well even though they are out of it! The lady told me they keep a couple bottles in reserve for emergency. I am loving this dark blue!!! 


  1. So, was the black ink a good will gesture? Does De Atramentis work nicely? I have a few shades of Noodlers and bought my first two jars of Diamine. The Noodlers is for my sketching but I'll admit the Diamine is for my newly re-started habit of a daily-carry fountain pen at work. I suspect your use is all art?

  2. No, I paid for the black ink. I had asked them when a new shipment would be available; they decided to send me one of their reserved bottles since they were sending me the replacement ink anyway.
    I am very pleased with the De Atramentis inks! Dries right away, ready for watercolor. Or wet the paper first for softer, defused line effects. I'm not familiar with Diamine ink.
    I use my Lamy pens for EVERYTHING, not just art. Writing checks, grocery lists, crosswords, etc.

  3. You ARE a fountain pen addict!


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