18 February 2015

keeping a supply bag pre-packed

The only reason I drew this 2-page spread was to "think out loud", trying to decide what to keep in a sketch bag.

Up to now, I usually just grab some art supplies at the last moment before going out somewhere to sketch. But I am now trying to keep everything together before-hand, ready to go. Even water. . . . We'll see how long this lasts.


  1. Hi Vicky - Great page and terrific idea!! Question re your particular palette- How do you keep your paint(s) from bleeding into each other when you close it?

  2. I filled each partition from tubes and let it dry several days, so it's like working from pre-filled pans. When out sketching, I spritz a bit of water on the paint to refresh it. When painting outside, it dries quickly so it is normally dry by the time I'm ready to pack up. If not, I just carry it separately to the car and set it open on the dashboard. Dries very fast.


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