18 February 2015

monotone ink with watercolor

I'm playing around with a monotone look even though my inks are waterproof . . . Not sure what watercolor is closest to De Atramentis brown.

The black Platinum Carbon Black ink works fine with my own mixed gray watercolor (burnt umber & ultramarine), but the burnt umber with the brown ink looks too dull.

I drew the deer from photos; they don't stick around our yard long enough for me to grab a sketchbook.


  1. Your buck is bigger than the one I hit. He's a handsome rascal. Good sketch. I got my car back just now from my deer-hit. Reunited. As Wilma drove me in to pick it up we about hit another deer. I still admire them, though.

  2. Our own yard's deer are more scarce lately now that they ate most of the acorns; I'm sure they'll gather as soon as the baby peaches appear this spring. I drew these from photos in our rural electric's monthly magazine.
    Recently driving home from the Austin area, we saw three separate groups of 5 to 7 deer just hangin' out along the curvy farm road. Thankfully, none had an inclination to join us on the pavement. Last night there must have been 20 to 30 gathered, watching as some ladies from church and I drove into a ladies retreat out in the country.


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