26 February 2015

for Kathleen

Often on Wednesday night at church, my young friend Kathleen will bring a toy, asking me to draw it. Last night she asked me to draw this stuffed dinosaur; at first I said no. I really didn't feel like drawing toys --- I brought my art journal / sketchbook* in case I wanted to jot down notes.

But Kathleen has a sweet persistence that is hard to deny. So here is her sketch . . . plus a couple of ladybugs from her little sister Evie. There was an "infestation" of these tiny 3-D ladybug stickers as Evie gave one to each person present. Mine and Bill's are now attached to the cover of my journal.

* I 've called my books sketchbooks for a long time now, but they are really more journals or diaries that are illustrated. Art journals seem like a better description.


  1. Great story and sketch. In the pecking order of things I have always found that engaging with others always trumps doing things just by myself. Of course, we need both, but that's the priority order I've found. I smile just imagining the little girl work you over.

  2. Kathleen was at it again this morning, wanting me to draw some plastic jewels she brought. This time I "held firm", though I'm sure she'll drag me into another toy sketch soon. There just isn't a lot of time between Sunday school and worship services --- and I try to show her that I bring my art journal to jot down sermon notes I wish to remember.

    Of course she, knowing the pastor is doing a series called "sheep, goats, and wolves", told me to draw a sheep or goat! These kids think I can draw anything from my head but I really need a reference to draw what I see.

    When our church has informal get-togethers ("snack & yak"), I try to have extra paper, pens, and sometimes colored pencils to have the kids draw with me.

    Kids are really amazing in their "anything is possible" attitudes!


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