10 February 2015

Saturday in Somerville and Brenham

On Saturday I had two chances for a bit of urban sketching on the spot, both unexpected. I guess that's why I carry my sketchbook with me always.

In the morning a few of us ladies from church got together in Somerville for a bit of Bible study --- While taking notes, I wish I had been a bit more courageous and sketched the ladies instead of my kolache and tea. But I'm still a bit shy drawing our new friends, especially since they now know that I am drawing.

Then Bill took me out for an impromptu steak dinner ___ beating the Valentine crowd, he says ___ at the Longhorn Saloon & Steakhouse in downtown Brenham. The building was a saddle shop in the 1800's and has been beautifully restored. Dominating the room is a gorgeous solid wood bar, much longer than it appears in the sketch but this is what I saw from our table.


  1. Hi, Vicky! Do you usually/often use the word "kolache"? Because we say "kolač" for lots of cakes/pies in my language! It a new language discovery for me! Where is it from? It is derived from the word "kolo", "koleso" it means round, wheel.
    Drawing people...? I used to draw at the railway station waiting for the train - but now we are talking, because we know each other when we travel together every day and my sketching is in my bag...!
    Love, how you did wooden furniture!

  2. Jana, kolaches in central Texas are a common breakfast bread with sausage, cheese, or other things cooked inside them. Usually the bread dough is rolled up around the sausage, making them oblong, but there are also round sweet versions with fruit.

    I had never heard of them before coming here. There is a strong German and Czechoslavakian heritage here, so there are many bakeries making these pastries.

    I don't have the opportunity to sketch on trains or buses around here -- what a great place to draw people! I really need the self-discipline to just go draw people in public wherever it's possible. Wouldn't it be great if you and I could do so together?

    1. Sure it would! One can dream :)


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