07 February 2015

fountain pen fussing

Since high school, I have loved writing with fountain pens --- In the past 10 years I have built quite a collection of them. A few have flexible or calligraphic nibs, but I always go back to the Lamy Safari and Joy pens (different color inks in each one). They don't require fussing!!

Bill gave me this beautiful flex-nib pen with cow horn handle in December . . . and I quickly got it completely blocked. After much work cleaning and flushing, it's writing again but I have yet to "break it in" to my own style of handwriting / drawing. I think the ink cartridges that came with it were too old and that clogged the feed. The converter does not quite fit but I'm now using it with Noodler's Lexington Gray ink.

I ordered some of the highly sought-after De Atramentis document inks from The Writing Desk in the UK since the only American supplier is always sold out. I LOVE this brand of ink! But I ordered brown and DARK blue; they sent bright blue by mistake. I would add black to darken it but they have no black in stock. I have tried contacting the company about the wrong ink being sent but so far no reply.

Oh well . . . I still love playing with my fountain pens!


  1. I am really excited to see your collection of fountain pens! It´s something what is waiting for me...! Last time I used them at elementary school! I just remember that they wrote very easily on paper...

  2. I think the reason I always go back to using my Lamy fountain pens is because they WERE made for elementary school children. Simple to keep operating and so dependable! They are much more affordable than fancy pens as well.

  3. Now you're talking! I love my Lamy, too (only have one though, getting ready to order my second). Didn't know they were originally designed for kids. My mom HATES fountain pens and is humored by my love of them. She remembers when ball point pens were invented and thought they were and are the cat's meow. She hated the fountain pen leaks and skips and need to refill often. I'll take those quirks any day. I recently bought a Lamy for a coworker. She had pre-fountain-pen-lover tendencies and I knew she'd love it. She does. Now I'm listening to the Pen Addict Podcast, which I'd recommend. Love the post.

  4. How could anyone not love these pens? Writing with fountain pens seems so full of mystery and romance . . .
    I'll have to look for that podcast --- sounds interesting!

  5. With so many pens how do you keep them all ready to go? I have a couple and if one is unused for a week or two I really have to work on it to get it writing again. Not real great for grabbing and sketching quickly. Is there some secret I do not know?

    1. The only pens I can keep filled all the time are the Lamy pens; all the others need to be used daily or they can clog or skip, but the Lamys don't seem to mind.
      When using another type of pen (usually for the flex-nibs), I make sure to use it regularly by doing a crossword each day with it, or writing notes in church or grocery lists.


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