24 December 2014

testing inks

Recently there have been some interesting posts on some artists' blogs (see here and here) comparing fountain pen inks. I would love to try the new De Atramentis colored document (waterproof) inks but can't afford them yet.

So I am playing with the inks I currently have. Actually I've been interested in doing some ink sketches with only washed shading for tones so water-solubility is good for now.

Some of these inks (the Noodler's brand) have been mixed by me. The sepia shade from mixing Polar Black and Polar Brown is a favorite! I tried toning down the purple La Couleur Royale with either Heart of Darkness or Polar Brown but the purple dominates.

Lexington Gray and the Platinum Carbon Black are usually waterproof, but not on this BFK Rives paper. Even after letting it dry overnight. Good thing I actually __want__ it to bleed this time!


  1. Oh, you quoted Tolkien! Big Tolkien fans here. That particular quote reminded me of something I read from C.S. Lewis' autobiography, Surprised By Joy.

    About the ink, I just bought Walnut Ink, made from walnut shells, and it is waterproof. I use it in my fountain pen for journaling and will try it soon on an ink and watercolor.

  2. Tolkien's books have so many hidden layers and depth to them! I first read his stories as a young teen before I was a Christian --- there was something there that I longed for but could not quite identify. Years later (after meeting the Lord), I reread them and was amazed at all the hidden bits that remind me of God. Though Tolkien disliked allegory, he once wrote in a letter that his stories were primarily Christian in nature.

    Where did you find Walnut Ink (and what brand is it?) that is safe for fountain pens? Sounds intriguing.

    1. I found it here.


      I never thought about it not being safe for fountain pens. Oh, dear. We've been using it.

      About Tolkien, I so agree. Same with Lewis. I'm reading Lewis' Science Fiction trilogy and the layers there . . . oh, my.

  3. Lewis' sci-fi series is awesome, though I did not like the 3rd one as much as the 1st two.

    I don't know if walnut ink is bad for fountain pens or not --- I just remember seeing someone's comment online. I do know you can't use shelac-based inks in pens but know nothing about walnut ink.

    I have a new fountain pen that is not writing even with the cartridges that came with it. I'll have to find a pen shop in the area for some advice.


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