22 December 2014

Sunday's sketches

I sketched this from a photo on my iPod before church . . . then jotted down a few sermon notes as usual. I found lots of these orange mushrooms / fungi growing in the corner of our lot --- still haven't been able to identify what kind they are.

When I went out to take some photos of them, the local school bus turned into our housing community. Bad timing for me! Even though the speed limit in our community is only 15 mph, a rock was thrown by the bus' tire and hit me hard on the right temple . . . just a few days after surgery in that eye. Scary how close I came to real disaster, but I'm fine. Except for a lovely dark purple shadow over my eye and a painful bump. The eye doctor agreed with me: Someone was definitely watching over me!

Later in the afternoon our church held a "Bowl of Blessings" celebration. Before eating, some kids and I were drawing and coloring with colored pencils. This fooi8l-lined bowl of ornaments was in front of me so that's what I drew. I'm trying to teach the kids to draw what you see.

Then we all watched an old movie together called "The Ultimate Gift" . . . more notes jotted down.


  1. That's great sketch, Vicky! Love yellow mushrooms together with pencil trees! Just beautiful!

  2. I love the huge variety of fungi, mushrooms, and lichen! Sort of like the Lord was just playing in His creativity.

  3. The mushrooms look like chanterelles.

  4. Wonderful, sketch. Wish you were close enough to teach me how to draw what I see. Still working on it. Merry Christmas to you.

  5. Scary encounter! I'm very glad that rock did no more harm than a bruise.

    I like how only your mushrooms carry the color. Well done.

  6. Thanks for commenting, everyone!
    Rosita, the mushrooms look like chanterelles to me as well, but I'm not brave enough to taste them.
    Debbie, wewould have fun together; wish you were closer!
    Elva, I am very thankful that the rock didn't hit my eye! Feeling blessed . . .

  7. We saw those same mushrooms on one of our walks at Kleb Woods (not too far from where you are) in Tomball. We are from Katy. Not trying to plug my blog, but I took a picture of those mushrooms (sixth picture down). Is this what you saw?


    I discovered you through the Sketching In Nature blog and am not often compelled to click on a link to learn more about the artist, but because I recognized the mushrooms and loved the combination of ink and watercolor, I wanted to know more.

    I have recently picked up watercolor painting, for the sole purpose of keeping a nature journal to encourage our kids to do so, and have discovered a new passion. I'm glad to have found you.

  8. Heather, the mushrooms in the sketch were a bit smaller and more formed than those in your photo, but nearby (and not sketched) was a huge mass of exactly the same as you captured! It seemed a bit too complicated for me to attempt drawing.

    I peeked at your blog . . . You are an amazing photographer & naturalist! How awesome it would have been to have you along when I would meet up with Kate (Cathy Johnson) to sketch in the wooded areas of Missouri! I'm going to spend some more time reading your blog --- I like how you put words together!

    If you are taking up watercolor, will you try sketching when walking in those woods? Though I draw a bit of everything, I think I enjoy doing nature sketches the most.

    1. We do sketch in nature quite a bit. I have a small moleskin journal and travel watercolor set. But there is only so much time, so I also take lots of pictures so I always have something to paint later. Thank you so much for your compliments!

      And I also most enjoy painting and sketching from natural subjects.


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