28 December 2014

final pages

A few weeks ago we saw three black vultures competing with another large raptor for road kill on the farm road near our cabin. At first we thought the other bird was a young eagle, but it turned out to be a Crested Caracara. Beautiful in flight! I had neither sketchbook or camera handy at the moment; this was drawn later with the help of a field guide.

And this sketch completes another sketchbook . . . unless the inner back page is counted:

The inside back pages in my journals collect all sorts of random bits. The rough drawing of a lamp is a style Bill would like to find for the porch of his woodshop --- no luck finding them as yet.


  1. I happen to be finishing a journal, too. It's book-binding time. Have the signatures ripped down and ready to sew. We just built a storage shed and I'll put in a woodworking shop. I like your sketch of the old lamp and agree with your husband. That would look good on a shop porch! It's nice to capture the hawk image, too. Neat to see new wildlife.

  2. I love being at the end of a journal --- starting a new one feels so fresh and full of possibility! There are several unused ones on my shelf, both some I bound myself and commercially made. I had ripped down and folded all my papers on hand just before moving to Texas to make packing easier.
    Have fun with your woodshop! Bill's has a full wrap-around porch on two sides; he can roll out equipment when working to make more room and there's plenty of room for chairs in case neighbors drop by for a cup of coffee.
    We aren't finding any source for the old lamps. I drew the idea from interior decor in a restaurant in Nacogdoches when Bill said that's what he wants.


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