16 December 2014


This sketch was begun in the waiting room of St. Joseph Hospital as I was waiting for my second cataract surgery. The tree in the lobby was filled with feathered birds and vintage-style glass ornaments. 

Afterwards, it took a few days rest and recovery time before I could finish with watercolor. But praise God, my eyes now work well together and I can see clearly!


  1. Beautiful drawing. I admire very much your aptitude to draw to the wait to be controlled surgically.
    I am very happy of your recovery, Vicky, and I give thanks to God for it


  2. Thanks be to God, Vicky! Your eyes are so precious! I am so glad to hear this news! Love your sketch!

  3. Thank you, Margarita and Jana! And most of all, I thank God for His constant goodness and blessings.


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