04 December 2014

sometimes a pocket sketchbook is needed

On my way to Bellville, TX for the first of two cataract surgeries, I knew I'd want to sketch but did not want to carry much with me. Random sketching is wonderful for calming nerves!

So I grabbed this tiny accordian-fold journal made from watercolor paper scraps. I left the first spread blank to fill in later with my current palette and a verse.

This is what I later added to that first page spread after coming home. Actually, a couple of days after coming home. When I could see a bit.

I will later add contact info here in case the sketchbook is ever lost.

My plan to sketch through nervousness was good . . . but it didn't work out. Just as I began sketching this wee lad sleeping in the waiting room, I was called away to take care of admission business. Then I was wisked immediately away to be prepped . . . including a nasty IV inserted in my RIGHT (sketching) hand. IVs and I do not get along so I didn't even try to move my hand.

So I later added the stuff given to me for after-care. The surgery on my left eye went very well; my two eyes just don't happen to be getting along at the moment. Next week the remaining cataracts (yeah, there are two different kinds on this one) on my right eye will be removed, then I hope to be able to get back to sketching and painting . . . this time without glasses.


  1. I've been thinking of you! Glad the first one is done...HUGS!!

  2. You and me both! The swelling is down, focus is returning, and it's quite a vision of creepiness -- brown iris afloat in a sea of red! Not from the surgery itself, but a result of the "trauma".

  3. Hi Vicky! Thinking of you and your Mom in prayers. I wish you healthy eyes so much!

  4. Thank you, Jana! Mom recovered fully and flew home yesterday. My eye has healed well, though my two eyes don't want to work together very well at the moment. That will be fixed next week when the other eye has cataracts removed.

  5. Glad to hear your good news. Love your color palette and quotation! What is the weight of paper you use here?

  6. This is 140 lb. watercolor paper, leftover bits from making a larger journal. I think it is "Kilamanjaro" paper from Cheap Joe's art supplies. The covers are cut from covers of an old ring-bound sketchbook and glued on.


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