03 May 2013

birthday card for Dave

I usually paint a card for my big brother's birthday having a hunting or fishing theme --- he loves both activities --- but this year I went a different direction. He turns 60 this year and is now a grandfather. So I sketched our own grandfather's pocketwatch . . . . and some sticks of his favorite chewing gum. As children, we would ask Grandpa to stand on his head for us; he always had a pack of gum in his pocket, which fell out on the floor. We would grab it and run!


  1. Love the card and the sentiment behind it... your brother is blessed to have you :)

  2. I love my brother and wish we were closer, but he hasn't wanted a relationship with me for over 20 years --- some unwanted fallout from my confronting our father about something he did to me as a child (David doesn't want to believe it). I began sending these hand-painted cards about 7 years ago; I never hear directly from him, but the way he mentions them to others leads me to think he looks forward to them. I'm hoping the Lord uses them to bring reconciliation.

  3. Vicky, I will pray that the Lord restores your relationship with your brother to be better than it ever was. To God be all glory, honor, and praise :)

    Hug! Keep looking up.

  4. Many thanks! God's perfect will SHALL be done and He WILL get the glory!


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