29 April 2013

wee heiland hame

Scotland has been in my thoughts lately . . . . our daughter and her husband are going there in June and I am a bit envious! They are going with two other couples --- renting a house together on Loch Ness, then side trips all over, including a train trip across the highlands to the islands. How cool!

Meanwhile, I get to stay with their daughter in Houston while they are away --- We'll have to come up with our own adventures.


  1. Albeit, it may not be Scotland, but if I've gleaned anything at all from your posts, it is that you certainly know how to create your own adventures. Your Granddaughter is fortunate to get to spend time with you!

  2. I do try!
    Actually, Mikala will already have some things planned, such as volleyball games and piano lessons. And we can always go see her cousins (our other grandkids) in Austin and SW Houston.

  3. Or... you could also do a sketchcrawl ;)

  4. I do try to sketch with Mikala, but she's a bit shy about drawing in front of me. Our other grandkids join me with great enthusiasm!


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