30 May 2013

some old favorites

Sometimes a sketch just works. Without planning, it just gracefully becomes more than I first envisioned. This 2011 fountain sketch from Excelsior Springs' Hall of Waters brings me joy whenever I see it, not only because I was happy with the results, but also because it brings up so many memories of sketching with my sketchcrawl buddy, Kate.

Not liking the recent changes, I am gradually closing my Flickr account --- Why continue using a product that gives me a headache? I'm actually glad the changes have pushed me into closing the account. It fits the "discardia" I've been doing lately (simplifying everything in my life, getting rid of whatever is not needed), greatly simplifying my posting sketches on-line. It's even pushing me to finally start posting things on Facebook, where so many artist friends have moved their posts to.

Most of my sketches on this blog have been linked back to my Flickr site. Meaning: delete my Flickr and the pictures disappear. So I am slowly reloading each picture directly to this blog. In the process, I am rediscovering sketches I had forgotten about . . . and having a fun time doing so!
These sketches of my Scottie, Ceilidh, when she was a new puppy made me literally laugh out loud! At 2 1/2 years old, she is just as bouncy, silly, and mischievous as shown in these sketches.

And sketches of our children and grandchildren always bring smiles and memories.The upper bit is Quen having a chat with his dad, Matt. Below is Jayna right after donating her long hair to Locks of Love. First time she had short hair since babyhood.


  1. I use to have a Scottie. They are so cute and I saw a photo of your Westie. Both adorable. Can't think of the white ones breed at this moment. Jane Young

  2. Hello, Jane!
    I have owned and loved several black Scotties and one wheaten Scottie (some call this color white but it is more of a creamy tan) -- a fun, playful breed! There is a separate terrier breed called a West Highland White that some think are white Scotties but they have a shorter nose and rounder face than Scotties. I've never met one of them before.


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