27 May 2013

how we spent our Sunday

Yesterday marked 41 years since Bill and I were married in Apache Junction, Arizona. It was sort of an elopement, with me flying in from Wichita, KS and Bill coming in from San Diego, CA where he served in the Navy (His mom lived in Mesa at the time).

Each home we purchased after leaving the Navy had red roses, though sometimes they were the neighbor's roses spilling over our fence. And each year since, Billy has brought me a rose on our anniversary.

These are David Austin roses I planted when we bought this small 1920 apartment building. They have come near dying in drought, but keep coming back stronger than ever.
We spent the day going to church, where I doodled a bit while writing notes, and later at home watching old World War II movies on TV. Lots of John Wayne movies, since it was also his birthday.


  1. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like the perfect day. We just celebrated our 46th last month. Its the little things that seem to matter most like the Roses and being together. Lovely journal page.

  2. Thanks, Cris, and a belated happy anniversary to you both! You are so right -- Bill has never been one to buy flowers, but the simple act of bringing me one rose from our own yard on our special day is worth more than any florist could sell.


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