23 May 2013

springtime might just decide to stay awhile

Or so it seems. A bit cool this morning, but it's been a couple of weeks since we had a temperature below freezing. The heater is turned off and the windows open. And I finally planted some tomatoes, surrounded by marigolds to ward off bugs.

Meanwhile, the powers-that-be over at Flickr have TOTALLY ruined the sight! Up till now, I have always posted sketches to Flickr, then linked those to this page . . . so when pictures are clicked on, the viewer is taken to my Flickr site. I thought of Flickr as my number one site.
Until now.

Unless they undo the horrible changes, I will no longer use my Flickr site, and this blog will become my only on-line site . . . . plus the group blogs I am a correspondent to, of course. (Darn them, they had to go and do this right after I paid for another year of Flickr Pro. I want a refund!!!)


  1. Everyone is complaining about flickr. I'm glad I never really got involved, save for a little account with 3 pics posted. I never even really got into it like that.

  2. Flickr was the first on-line thing I joined, and I'm a bit late to blogging, Haven't really taken time to learn how this site really works yet, but now I will. Maybe I'll even take time to learn how to post on Facebook, like so many other sketchers have switched to.

  3. Vicky check out http://www.ipernity.com it is free (has a pro account like Flickr)... but uses the same interface as Flickr used to before the changes... Not many artists there yet... I found out about it from Debo and joined tonight loaded all my May drawings... and joined a couple of art groups already there... I'm just sick about losing all my Flickr friends.

  4. I've loved Flickr; it was the first on-line thing I joined, too. Don't like the new look, or that so many people are cutting and running. Would you reconsider? We might get used to it after a while. By the way, paying for another year of Pro gets you ad-free Flickr at half the price that new folks will pay for that feature. And we may be able to renew again at the old price and avoid the ads for still another year, if we don't quit and ask for a refund.

  5. Ipernity sounds like a possible option, but I don't want to build a new site. I'm trying to simplify my life --- Time spent learning and building a new site = less time sketching, reading, spending time with family. I may start posting on Facebook like so many fellow sketchers are doing. I don't like Facebook much, but I'm already there.

    Even looking at the "justified" Flickr gives me a headache! It really bothers my eyes. Before this recent mess, I would set my viewing contacts' posts at "medium" to add the white space around each --- our sketches just look better with some white space around them.

    Sorry, but I will NOT get used to the new look. Why spend time with something I don't like? I had already paid for another year of Flickr Pro, just before this happened -- I wish I could get a refund now but doubt it is possible. Ads are not the problem; I had Pro to allow unlimited posts and sets.


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