24 May 2013

last journal pages

I've been getting ready to fly to Houston soon. Being a visual person, drawing what to pack helps me think . . . . and maybe see whether I need the larger suitcase or not. I don't like checking bags in cargo, preferring to travel light with a carry-on bag. But I might be there a full month, depending on when Bill can get away from work to drive down later and pick me up.

Am I trying to take too much? Light-weight skirts are more comfortable in hot weather than jeans, but can I get by with less without getting sick of wearing the same thing over and over? Maybe one less pair of sandals as well. Then there's the "extras": sketching supplies, books and things to take to Kristen or Mikala, a Kindle and iPod for reading and music. I already decided I don't need that windbreaker.

These are the final pages of this sketch-journal (The last spread of recent journals has become a place to gather miscellaneous quotes to remember). Now I'm wondering which journal to grab next. I have several new Stillman & Birn books to try, plus an unused Fabriano Venezia and medium-sized WC Moleskine. And there is a stack of cut and folded folios ready to bind myself --- don't really have time for that. Maybe the Moleskine since it takes up less room?

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