07 May 2013

back to the dr. -- this time, for Bill

After a couple of years of unrelieved back pain, I encouraged Bill to see my spinal doctor for a second opinion. Taking his MRI from 1 1/2 yrs. ago with us, we found out that ___ just as in my own case ___ the local hospital simply cannot read an MRI correctly! In my case, they totally missed a facet cyst on my spine, clearly shown to be pushing against a nerve. In Bill's case, there is a large protrusion to the right of the base of his spine, probably from a past injury. And the local MRI dept. said that they saw nothing unusual!

While Bill was off getting x-rays, I thought I had time to do a bit of sketching . . . . but Dr. L. came to get me, wanting to show me Bill's old MRI and what he found. He'll get a more current MRI, then proceed to one of several possible treatments, none of which involve surgery. Thank God for more intelligent doctors!

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