03 November 2010

more from our K.C. trip

What a moving experience the World War I museum was, with both of us having a personal connection to this war through grandfathers. One of the most incredibly designed museums I've ever seen. We went both Friday and Saturday to take it all in. The main exhibit is underground, surrounding the tower's base.

I was fascinated by the sculptures flanking the sides of the tower and the guardian spirits on the upper part of the tower. The Liberty Memorial (217 ft. tower) was built in 1926 to honor those who served in WW I. We climbed to the top on Saturday -- I would have taken photos from the incredible view except that was when I realized I had lost my camera (we found it later).

The 4 guardian spirits in the upper sides (sculpted by Robert Aitken) symbolize Honor, Courage, Patriotism, and Sacrifice. At night, there is a "flame effect" coming from the tower, using steam and special lighting.

The 2 Sphinxes facing east and west stand for Memory and Future. "Memory" shields its face from the horrors of the battlefields; "Future's" face is shrouded because the future is yet unseen.

On a lighter note, the first stop when we reached KC was at an art supply shop. We came in on Interstate 35, so this was the first planned stop we would come to. I had purchased a set of gouache on eBay but was sent some wrong colors; the seller refunded me and I came here to replace them. And cool! I had just been e-mailed a 50% off coupon for the first 3 items!

As we stopped here, Bill noticed the hamburger-mobile parked in front of the Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill. I told him the burgers are supposed to be really good; he determined to have one before we left town. So that's the last thing we did Saturday afternoon . . . . and they ARE great!

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