21 November 2010

Sunday scribbles

With a simple Pilot ink pen and a touch of white gel pen, I have finished this Moleskine sketchbook today. Yeah! Now on to better paper . . .

Oddly, the page on the left side is glued down a bit at the spine, causing the previous page to show a bit. This was the page I came to today while taking down a few notes in church. After church, we ate at a re-opened restaurant in town so I sketched their logo while waiting to be served. And take-home boxes; too much food to eat in one setting.

Don't understand my need to finish each sketchbook even if I don't like the paper --- Maybe it's because there have been so many projects in the past that were begun and never finished?

I like my newer habit of at least attempting to finish everything that I've started. It's all a learning process in one way or another. But I also learn from my mistakes and will never again try one of these popular little books with nasty paper.

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