11 November 2010

another morning at Ginger's

A few of us gather at Ginger's home on Wednesdays to pray for needs we hear about during the week. I often write down some of the prayer needs . . . and add a quick sketch while I'm at it. Color was added later at home.

This time I walked instead of driving. The wind finally calmed down and the sun was shining --- nice! Today it is much cooler and rainy.

I decided to use the color swatch card because that's the only metallic gold watercolor I have and the bronze candlesticks had some gold trim.

The bronze color was a bit of a challenge, especially since this Moleskine paper isn't the best for watercolor. First I put down the quinacridone gold, then added burnt umber shadows, and topped it off by dabbing in a bit of the olive green, letting the colors mingle on the paper. Seemed to work.


  1. This is lovely, and I love the idea of the Wednesday prayer gatherings... what a great idea.

  2. Thank you, Chel! We used to meet Wednesday mornings years ago, or just over our lunch hour for those who had jobs. With such huge needs in this country, we decided to do it again.


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