25 November 2010

taking votes, anyone?

First of all, let's get one thing straight (besides my hair, that is) . . . . I am about as excited about self-portraits as I am about having my photo taken. In other words, NOT AT ALL!

That said, an explanation about why this pitiful attempt is in my sketch journal. For a couple of years, I have been protesting all those style police who say no one over age 30 should wear long hair (I'm 56). --- I also went along with those nameless people for years when they said no one with baby fine hair should wear hair below their shoulders. Mine is extremely baby fine but I have a lot of it. But I like long hair!

OK, so I'm ready to admit that the longer it gets, the flatter and straighter it hangs. Been thinking of cutting a few inches off. Want to vote on it? Leave a comment below!

I have never colored my hair and I actually DO have a few gray hairs finally. I guess it to be around 8 or 10 hairs; Bill says more like 4 or 5. I refuse to color it ever . . . . maybe I refuse to grow old as well.

BTW: I found out that burnt sienna plus a bit of purple makes a pretty good brunette (plus some sepia in the shadows).


  1. Oh, Hon. I'm 63. Growing old isn't about hair color. It's about the mind and spirit :)

  2. I love what Shirley said!!! But I just cut my hair (which is thick and wavy) and I love it a little shorter. I defer, though, to Shirley!!!

  3. Love your comment, Shirley! And that's what I believe also. I just think my hair is funny! As a young adult, I was slow in accepting adult responsibilities and attitudes -- my hair seems to be just as slow in accepting the normal changes.

    There was a time when I would SO envy you, Carol, with your thick and WAVY hair! Mine won't hold a bit of curl. But I've finally decided to like it the way it was given to me.

  4. If you cut it and you hate it... it will grow back... or you can grow it longer... all of my hair is gray now... I refuse to color it... actually I like it this color :-)

  5. I do too, Elaine! I've never seen an artificial color look as good against a person's skin as their own natural color would, even gray. The Creator knows better than hair stylists.

    I'm still hoping for the lovely silver of my maternal grandmother, though I take more after my paternal grandmother.

  6. Well, hon, you KNOW how long mine is. I don't care what ANY police say about ANYthing I want to do, as long as they are not THE Police. I like long hair too! I'll cut mind when it makes my neck hurt when I wash it...

    I like gray hair, too...though J. says it's SILVER, not gray. *G*

    Just do whatever makes you happy...

    I like your portrait, by the way!

  7. LOL! The huge difference being how THICK and wavy yours is! It is simply GORGEOUS, Kate! And Joseph is RIGHT as usual . . . your hair is definitely SILVER!

    Do whatever makes me happy . . . that's the problem. I like both ways! That's why I thought I would try taking votes.


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