31 October 2010

at the Savoy

After an August visit to the Savoy in Kansas City to meet up with Liz, Kate and Joseph, I knew this was a great place to bring Bill for his birthday. I didn't make it to Kate's sketchcrawl this weekend, but had a mini sketch crawl of my own with Bill

Our oldest son, Jason, was also in town from Houston, attending an educator's conference. We met him for supper at a little Japanese restaurant.

The Savoy's breakfast is humongous! --- your choice of several items on the menu all included with the reasonable room fee. And no rush . . .

While in town, we also went to the World War I memorial & museum, a return trip to the Arabia Steamboat, and playtime for Bill at Architectural Salvage. More sketches to come, though they will be from memory and photos.


  1. I'm so glad you both had a good time! I'd been meaning to ask...isn't the WWI museum amazing? I cried...

  2. We did have a good time . . . Bill especially needed the get-away. He's had a rough time lately --- but there are signs that God is working. Depression can be such a nasty thing.
    The museum was the best part of the weekend for both of us, though it does bring tears. I'm glad the ticket was good for 2 days; we went both days.


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