15 November 2010

a night hat for Quen

Who really knows the mind of a three-year old? Our grandson told his mom he needed one of these. So I knit one.

In fact, I'm glad I had this to work on this weekend, as a sinus headache kept me from doing much else. I had the yarn left over from a purse I had knit for granddaughter Mikala. Both of her parents and Quen's dad are graduates from K-State so the purple and white were good.

Working with double-pointed needles isn't so hard after the four pairs of wool socks I knit a few years ago. But I can't seem to remember how I used to make tassels; I need one for the end of the braided tail. Can't be all that hard.

By the way . . . . Besides his love of wearing hats, Quen also loves button-down shirts and ties. No, his dad doesn't wear them. Just decided on his own that it's the look for him.

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