19 August 2010

late-night sketching

Instead of reading last night, I grabbed my sketchbook and drew what was in front of me . . . . by a very dim 25 watt bulb. I didn't want to disturb my husband who was asleep. Planned to add color in the morning, but decided I like it as is.

On the rocker is the first Scottie I ever owned --- a fuzzy stuffed one from MacPherson, KS. That led to owning several live Scotties and many collectibles, some of which are in the two shelves on the wall (they are actually small vintage wooden crates hung as shelves). There are even two of the wee doggies on that plaque next to the shelves, a gift from granddaughter Mikala that I hang my cross collection on.


  1. What a lovely sketch Vicky. It gives a great feeling of being there. :-)

  2. Love the look and feel of this sketch, and amazed at the fact that you drew in such soft light!

  3. LOL! My eyes were complaining as I was finishing! The 2 baskets on the dresser were more scribbled from memory than observed.


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