06 August 2010

inspired by Liz

Actually, I am celebrating today's "cold front" . . . . the temperature outside is in the 90's instead of the 100's! It's even down to 89 degrees in the shade of our east-facing front porch.

I just enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey tea that came from T2, the teahouse visited in Liz / Borromini's blurb book. Excellent! In a fine bone china mug that my daughter gave me . . . . with Scotties, of course.


  1. Wonderful wonderful darwing, Vicky, and such a great mug! Did you get to meet Liz?

  2. Oops, sorry about the typo! Wish you could edit blog comments . . .

  3. Hey, I like "darwing"!

    After Urban Sketcher's symposium in Portland, Liz stopped over in Kansas City on her way to New York. Kate & Joseph, Jeanette (Mistress of Longears), and I were all able to meet Liz and Borromini. Great times! You can read more in my previous post.


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