14 August 2010

Bearcat's in trouble . . . again

So what else is new, right?

I woke up today to find the pestle to my mortar & pestle set broken on the pantry floor. Sometime in the night, our Maine Coon cat tried to "climb" the pantry shelves to get at the catnip container . . . . he never did get the catnip open.

And just yesterday I purchased a HUGE bag of Greenies for him. I was only going to buy cat food but this favorite treat of his was on sale. His favorite besides catnip, that is.

Our vet told me to give Bearcat a bit of ground-up L-Lysine tablet daily to prevent herpes outbreaks. That's what I've been using the mortar & pestle for. He caught the incurable disease from our other cat, Dali, who later died from complications. She was apparently born with the illness but it didn't present itself until she was 6 years old. By then, we had adopted Bear and he was exposed.

So far, so good with Bear's health. He hasn't had an outbreak (mouth sores) for a couple of years now, and is quite fat and sassy. You'd never know he was sick to look at him.


  1. What a beautiful baby - love those eyes and coat! I've never given my cats greenies, I'll have to look for them!

  2. Hello, Grace! Greenies are not only loved by most cats; they help prevent dental problems that impact their health.
    The cat in your icon has amazing eyes! And you are a phenomenal photographer. Thanks for commenting!

  3. He is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    We are new 'cat owners'. (I know...an oxymoron!)
    We love our girls. Never thought we would have cats, but what a joy they are!


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