03 August 2010

a great book!

One day, as I was running errands, I got in my car in time to hear the very end of an interview on the radio with the two authors of this book. I was immediately intrigued as I heard Alex, now 12 years old, talking with the interviewer. He and his father wrote the book together, telling the true story of their experiences following a tragic automobile accident when Alex was 6 years old.

So next I made a stop at a book store; they did not have it in stock yet but ordered a copy for me. Once it came in and I began to read it, I could hardly put it down. It brought tears, big grins, and laughter . . . a sure sign of a great story for me.

Often when I enjoy a good book, I like to record it in my sketch journal. Possibly a reminder some day to re-read it. (Learn more about this remarkable young man at their web site they set up in the early days following the accident, as a means to keep people updated on his progress.)

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